The Aurian Haller Band

As the Earth Waits for Rain

The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


Writing about loss and sorrow seems to come easily.  But love is something else, it resists the ballad, at least from my pen.  This one was for my little brother on his wedding day.



As the Earth Waits for Rain


as the earth waits for the rain

I’ve been holding my cup out

as the wind picks up the dust

and blows it all about


I’ve been carried

across the border

into the wide open

and I won’t be going back again


where the river meets the plain

is always giving ground

letting go into the current

is the surest thing I’ve found


there are things

I’ll never know

and what I know may not be true

but I’ll take a chance with you


cause every place I want to go is already here

like riding a bike with no hands at all to steer

I’m spinning like a satellite ignoring all control

I’m broken to be whole


when you came back from the beach

with the ocean in your eyes

I became a distance swimmer

as far as the gull flies


I can’t find

any words

there’s no metaphor can say

what it’s like to feel this way


chorus / bridge / chorus