The Aurian Haller Band


The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


At our last family reunion, there were two relatives that met everyone with a gracious smile, hiding their worry at not recognizing so many people.  I had my guitar and started writing this song about living with Alzheimer's.






what’s the point of learning all your names

when all proper nouns will be reclaimed

and the places I’ve been go anonymous

as soon as I have turned my back I become Columbus


I think I’ve met you once or twice before

shared a meal or held the door

and I’d like to tell you I recall it well

like a boy who conjures up the shore with his shell


and I’m in a fishbowl swimming across the ocean

and every day just drifts away

every wave is another extortion


I’ve heard that ignorance can bless you best

and people will be hired for the rest

while those who know you keep you as you were

when everything around you loses its place and starts to blur






and they say that when an empires falls

it always starts with something small

we’re not looking for a new world just the keys

and everywhere we set out for brings us back to our knees