The Aurian Haller Band


The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


When I ended up on a hospital bed with my heart hooked up to a barrage of monitors, it was the longest night of my life.  I was trying to slow down my heart rate so they'd let me go.  These are the moments we reach down inside to find the image that distills all we know of peace.






I’ll show you the way to the river

where the hours drift so slowly they seem to last all day

and your blanket is an island

you lie on like a washed up stowaway


follow me up to the mountain

where everything below you is a manageable size

and the people are like lego

you can rearrange and love again oh open your eyes


turn around and count to ten again

you’ll still be standing with the dogs at your back

give them all a bone

give them all a bone


let’s lose our way in the garden

where the narcissus has no idea how it grows

and your sorrows are just scratches

you have gotten groping for the rose




and when rivers run dry

and mountains grow cold

the garden’s full of thistles

they’ll be comfort still


wherever you make your little temple

and learn to leave your shoes at the door

I’ll sit with you in tenderness

where you’ll only find by giving up what you’re looking for