The Aurian Haller Band

Lay Me Down

The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


In yoga class we're told that the reason we ache is that we're not in our bodies enough to notice the strain we put ourselves through.  The mind is an adventure, but it takes us away from ourselves.  Yoga brings us back.  But there are other ways to remember...



 Lay Me Down                                                       



when my heart is heavy when I’m dreaming dark

like a diving whale or a question mark

I see you all together in my head

Babylon and Joan of Arc your wonders spread


like an ocean in these sheets

your ships and your harbour pass over me

pass over me


I’ve been good at throwing my voice into the night

to keep from getting lonely we make a little light

it’s good to feed the soul but my body needs you most

your breathing is a hymn and your hair the holy ghost


there’s mercy on your skin

for all of the struggles I couldn’t

I couldn’t win


lay me down

pull your mantle over me

lay me down

to sleep


when I’m alarmed by the sirens in the street

and their urgency trips up my tired feet

your body is the ground I come ashore to kiss

there is no plainer gratitude than this


so I’m grateful to the dark

the flood that floated the ark

that floated the ark




solo on verse (guitar)




chorus 2X