The Aurian Haller Band


The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


Almost forty and taking the pulse of my life so far: it's too fast and the satisfactions I have had tend to be forgotten in the rush for the next thing.  Time to take the time.







when the sky is gone gunmetal grey

and the night is longer than the day

I should be saving up for a time of scarcity

like all the busy people around me


they say the cold will take your breath away

and blow it out across the frozen bay

just let me linger on a little here

to give the fog a reason to clear


I will be satisfied (yes I will)

I will be satisfied


all the pennies and the stars will lose their shine

like everything that’s temporarily mine

we keep wishing like an empty well

or tower with its high and lonely bell


and I have no restlessness left in me

this is the way it’s meant to be


solo on verse


fit all the wisdom of the world in a cliché

and it’ll seem a simple thing to say

we spend our time like it was going out of style

I just want it to slow down for a while


I will be satisfied (yes I will)

I will be satisfied  2X