The Aurian Haller Band

Sweeter Than Thee

The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


I wrote this song for my aunt who watched over my uncle with much grace as he struggled against the disease that eventually exhausted him.  My grandmother had three "good husbands," and said she couldn't complain because how many women can say that!  She cared for each at their bedside until the end.  This is for all the women out there who are their man's last good link to the world.


Sweeter than Thee                                            

will you be my lover

will you disconnect the phone

will you come lie beside me

when I am all alone

will you tell them I am sleeping

when they come for me at night

and if they are too great in number

shut the door and bolt it tight

even the honey

is took from the bee

but no one is sweeter

more giving than thee

I have spent all my ambition

and it’s too late to pay you back

but you’re still here to watch over me

making up for the strength I lack


they say there’s no pain

that’s too great to bear

but I’ve come many miles

and it’s followed me everywhere

I’m hit on the inside

with a wound that won’t heal

and it grows like the springtime

with unholy zeal