The Aurian Haller Band

Turn Up the Radio

The Aurian Haller Band
Aurian Haller


In the end we need to be accompanied, more than we need to be understood.  This is the driving song, for that little tin machine rocketing through time and space with nothing but a dial for company.



Turn Up the Radio                                       



hey stranger have you heard the news

I saw it written on my muddy shoes

the valley’s flooded and the dam is gone

this is a lonely island we’re on


doctor what’ve I got to lose

your face is longer than the words you use

how will I make it through this sleepless night

just tell me everything will be all right


turn up the radio

I want to listen to a song I know

miles go easy when they’re loud

we all sing better in a crowd


sweet sister when you hold my heart

hold it like a purse that’s come apart

I spent it like it was big as the open sea

now it’s too careworn to be carefree


bridge (doo, doo, doo…)


we hold up our end of the conversation

without fishing for information

and the sound we make drifts across the lake

cause we’re the only ones left awake




in the end I need your company

more than I need you to understand me

it’s like a song you heard when you forget the words

but you remember its short melody


chorus 2X