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a cobweb sail

blowing in the wind

a butterfly collection

with all its colours pinned

I wrote about their beauty

but had trouble with the words

they gathered all around me

then scattered with the birds

I woke up in the night fumbling for the light

I was standing on the precipice

didn’t know my heart could beat like this

like this like this like this

the ice is thin

but we walk it anyway

trade our boots for slippers

and are careful what we say

a car is made of paper

when it gathers speed

don’t carry too much with you

take only what you need

I woke up in the night fumbling for the light…

call me when you get there

soon as you touch the ground

I don’t need to hear your words

I just need to know your sound

I like to watch you sleeping

the rise and then the fall

the space between’s a window

and I want to see it all

I woke up in the night fumbling for the light…



when you plant a seed

and you watch it grow

everybody knows

you don’t have a green thumb

when it comes to love


maybe it’s the ground

too dry any time of year

maybe you shouldn’t have planted here

now it’s coming out all wrong


you can’t take out what you don’t put in

there’s a hole in the bottom

that’s where love begins

love begins


were it in the stars

or on the palm of your hand

wouldn’t it all be grand

or no good at all


if it were a game

you’d be the unlucky one

trying hard to find someone

as unlucky as you


you can’t take out what you don’t put in…


why do we still

go down with the ship

when there are life preservers

enough for the trip


let me be the way

you keep your head above

water water everywhere

let me be your love

water water everywhere

let me be your love…


tous les longs commencements

et les fins qui finissent vite

on revient sur nos pas à deux

comme un serpent qui mord sa queue

moi je me mets tout petit

comme une ombre à midi

sous le soleil qui brille dans le ciel si beau

l’amour et ses couteaux

l’amour et ses couteaux

on est parti avec le vent

un beau matin y’a pas longtemps

nos pires douleurs nos jolies roches

au fond du cœur au fond de nos poches

moi je me mets tout petit…

comment te dire ta beauté

a fait sortir c’qui a d’pire en moi

je ne me reconnais plus

dans ce désert ou on est rendu

moi je me mets tout petit…

si j’hésite sur la falaise

c’est qu’ça m’donne un petit malaise

cette plongée l’autre bord du mur

à deux doigts de ma blessure

moi je me mets tout petit…


all the matches that you burn

so preciously

light up the darkest night

when you stand close to me

and in this part of the world

winter lasts a long time

long time

and so we shine

the colder the wind blows the

deeper we dream

wrapped in a buffalo robe

without a seam

I remember the pictures

better than being there

being there

that’s what I wear

everything in the darkroom is bathed in silver

poses you’ve made floating by you like a river


I came into the beaming world


maybe it was too soon and something

was lost to me

when I close my eyes I remember

your embrace

but not your face

not your face

everything in the darkroom is bathed in silver…

the stars don’t glitter in spite of

the night they’re in

the jewels on your neck bring out

the beauty within

let my hands do the seeing

and my fingers tell

they love you well

love you well

everything in the darkroom is bathed in silver…


don’t build your house on the sand

it won’t stand the rain

I’d buy an ark if I were you

with a satellite dish and an ocean view

I’m always waiting for the big one

to pull my laces undone

come rattle my cage come shake my chain

leave me in the cold again


the ground will tremble the sea will rise

otherwise it’s an ordinary day

a prayer is something like a sail

to catch your breath or take it away

I’m always waiting for the big one…

the siren calls but not for you

it’s just passing through the empty night

in your bedroom you’re shining blue

like we do when we’re done with the light

I’m always waiting for the big one…

you’re slipping out by the backdoor

for a breath of unconditioned air

you’re whistling low the way we sound

when we found someone else is standing there

I’m always waiting for the big one…


you don’t mind the dark

it’s the grey that gets you down

mix all these bright colours

and all you get is brown

what lives in your house

won’t knock on your door

it comes unannounced

and messes up the floor

and everyone loves the sun

the way it shines

and picks you up sometimes

when you fall down so down

you wander these streets

to get out of your head

as if changing the channel

will change you instead

elevators take you up

and bring you back down

but you’re still in this skin

in the middle of town

and everyone loves the sun…

if you could feed yourself kindness

and pass on the rest

if you could see only beauty

and call yourself blessed

so you wait in the morning

for morning to come

and it takes such a long time

where you’re looking from

and everyone loves the sun…


I want a song with

my name in it

I want to be the reason

you pull out your guitar

all the singers

sing about the blues

the things you can’t get rid of

and the things you lose

so give me a diamond

at least in the rough

I need something to move me

and this isn’t enough

you take the stage with

so little beauty

holding onto clichés

like loan guarantees

is it really such

a desert out there

if you were thirsty

there’d be dust in your hair

so give me a diamond…

even the birds can wrap

their souls in a song

there must be something that

you’re doing wrong

waiting for me’s not

like flagging a car

standing on this road

won’t get you very far


so give me a diamond…


entre deux paillassons

on arrive en reculant

tout en désordre

malgré nos meilleurs plans

pare-brise craqué

on voit le monde divisé

les cailloux l’hiver sont

trop soudains pour les éviter

mais c’est parfait

c’est parfait

c’est plus que parfait

comme ça 

Montréal Québec

des enfants qui traînent

entre nous nos ex

cherchant leurs mitaines

entr’ étrangers

on divise nos fin d’ semaines

on tire par les deux bords

pour trouver la moyenne

mais c’est parfait…


on choisit pas le fil

qui nous tricote ensemble

ni le vent qui souffle

et les feuilles qui tremblent

le monde tourne toujours

dans son orbite d’attente

face a ces variables

tu es la belle constante


mais c’est parfait…


if you walk this city in the pouring rain                                                                                           

to take in the view and then back again

you’ll know what it feels like to be old

when your bones are brittle and the wind is cold

there are walls round you in case of war

but no one plays for keeps anymore

and when we fall it’ll come from within

one weak link under your skin

we go down easy when we fall

we don’t expect to go at all

lay me down gentle wrecking ball


the armoury roof’s gone up in smoke

but there’s no crook and no running joke

it’s left us open to the wind and the rain

and the heart sticks out like a weathervane

we go down easy when we fall…

and we pin the fronts of churches to

the clear blue sky like collectors do

to things of beauty past compare

to pass their time in a rocking chair

we go down easy when we fall…


in your secret dream

nothing is as it seems

your mountain’s just an echo

from the valley

you wake up crying

the river runs swiftly

and the spray shines in your hair

and over me

I know what you mean when

you wear all your selves at once

and you’re still cold and shivering

under it all

riding the red bike then

took everything you had

now its all about balance

spoiling for a fall

you wanna rise up singing

you wanna rise up stronger

with no way in the world you’re wrong

with no way in the world you’re wrong

pages don’t make a book

bound with the heels of horses

you read like a believer

for a sign

you wake with the taste

of understanding but not the fruit

spit and polish

but not the shine

you wanna rise up singing…


don’t buy it if it’s broken

make sure the shoe fits

soon as you get on board

check your exits

a heart on the sleeve

gets caught on the door

a nightlight cast shadows

all across the floor


the wind moans the door

cries on its hinges and by

now my heart is whole but

it still cringes

the stars keep us

from being too brave

anyone can make a light or

radio wave

it takes a broken bottle

to launch a good ship

it takes a prayer wheel to

make a round trip

the wind moans the door…

I walk the river

when the path is free

and the dark river current

speaks to me

all deep reflection

is taken with the light

it’s what leads us by the hand

all through the night

the wind moans the door…


take the stinger from the bees

and the kids out of the trees

someone might make a mess

someone might tear their dress

there are still a million ways

to make a break for it in time

we hate to hurry out

leave all of this in doubt

and we’re mostly good

and we’re mostly kind

what we don’t know

is coming from behind

just when it was getting good

just when we could feel at ease

the clouds come rolling in

looks like our luck’s run thin

and we’re mostly good…

if there was a secret chord

we never found where it was stored

we should have taken note

we should have took that boat

and we’re mostly good…

Wolf at the Door

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