1. Lady Be Kind

From the recording Lady Be Kind

This is for the patient man.  The one who waits out the storm.  The one who is there to pick up the pieces when it's over.  He's solid gold, baby.


Lady Be Kind                                               
lady be kind before you let go
of the wild horses that have been driving you so
they’re coming like thunder before a rain
and they’ll roll me under carrying your pain
you wear your reasons like an old gown
cause they’ve held your back and they’ve never let you down
you walk this ground almost every day
there’s nothing here but you come anyway
if you burn all your bridges
I’ll come for you in a boat because
I know what set the fire
and I know you’re tired and can’t see what your anger does           
if I look strong I’m just holding this pose
here stopping a door you don’t want to close
I’m not your target I just get in the way
like all these pigeons made out of clay
lady be kind just for tonight
let the ball drop everything will be all right
let it go in the dark like a stone in the sea
all the way down and take your rest with me