1. Painfully Blue

From the recording Painfully Blue

Sometimes it seems like we wait forever for things to change and just when we forget to wait, it happens.  And nothing is ever the same again.


Painfully Blue                                       
It’s been a long time I haven’t kept track
I’ve been praying for rain but the sky won’t turn black
I’m there on the porch like I’m waiting for mail
like a man on the sea always watching his sail
and the sky remains painfully blue
we hold out for something simple and good
just to be found and be understood
and they say good things come to those who will wait
I’ve been willing so long
I’m a wide open gate
there are signs for the hunter and for the prey
but too many words are wasted this way
the odds have been generous as numbers can be
they grow wide as oak trees and give shade for free
and painted me pale as a ghost
bridge (Ooo ooo)
love is like water under the bridge
and sex is a postcard I stuck to the fridge
I just want a light that burns only for me
to lighten my step make me weak in the knees
bring me home without brick or stone